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Bridgehead project managed the details well. and approach problems in a calm and professional manner. Their openness. honesty and market expertise made the overall relationship a simple. friendly and enjoyable experience. tado would recommend Bridgehead to companies who need to gain market entry quickly and effectively. As a new start-up. tado required an innovative and dynamic company to achieve the results required. and the team at Bridgehead delivered just that.

Christian Deilmann, CEO, Tado

The Problem

TADO had tried for 9 months to access the UK market themselves with their internal resource, but with no success.

The Solution

TADO appointed Bridgehead to create a go-to-market strategy. complete with competitive benchmarking that targeted specific partners across retail, e-commerce and distribution. Key price points. packaging and messaging plus building a promotional plan for peak.

Tado International Business Development Case Study

The Outcome

  • Tier 1 retailers such as Dixons, Maplin and Amazon became the first to agree to range TADO across their stores. In total, TADO was positioned in 1000+ stores from day 1.
  • Key distribution partners were appointed to assist in expanding the market reach, resulting in 20 retailers ranging TADO inside 16 months.
  • Network of installation partners were built and created and live by the end of year 2.
  • The business was sufficient for TADO to then incorporate a local business entity and recruit their own team.