Acer Expands UK Horizons with Bridgehead Alliance

A man on the Acer ebii bike - Bridgehead

7th February 2024 – Bridgehead International Ltd is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Acer Inc, the multinational hardware and electronics corporation. Bridgehead are experts in go-to-market and the rapid distribution and sales of consumer tech products in the UK market. This partnership marks Acer’s commitment to supplying a diverse range of eco-friendly and cutting-edge products across the United Kingdom.

The product portfolio Acer is introducing in the UK includes a variety of new and innovative items such as eScooters, eBikes, power batteries, air purification systems, and 5G connectivity products. This move aligns with Acer’s dedication to providing consumers with sustainable and innovative solutions which enhance their daily lives.

Bridgehead will assume the pivotal role of specialist distributors for the upcoming product line and deliver the comprehensive go-to-market plan for each of the new Acer product categories.

Acer’s spokesperson, Darren Calow, New Business Development for Acer UK, shared insights on the collaboration, stating, “We sought a partner who shares our values and offers a proven track record in taking new innovations to market, and Bridgehead stood out for their transparent approach, rapid results ethos and their extensive network of channel partners.”

Paul McIntosh, Founder and CEO of Bridgehead International Agency Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm about partnering with Acer and introducing their new products to the UK market. He emphasised the growing trend of ethical consumerism and highlighted the competitive advantage companies gain by prioritising sustainability. McIntosh said, “Consumers in the UK, and globally, are increasingly committed to ethical purchasing. Acer’s offering of high-quality and eco-conscious tech will definitely strike a chord with consumers in the UK. It’s wonderful pleasure for us to be working with such a great brand and helping to incubate the new tech categories across the Acer portfolio and bringing them to market here in the UK.”

Acer has long been recognised for its commitment to innovation and sustainability, ranking in the top 5% of companies in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook (2023). The accolades continue with multiple awards for innovation, with the Acer ebii e-bike earning recognition in the prestigious 2023 Good Design Awards. 

Bridgehead will be distributing all the Acer innovative products across all UK channels, please contact the team for further information.