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Follow live now: @JunckerEU, @KlausIohannis, and 300 young EU citizens will discuss their ideas for the #FutureofEurope – with interpretation in other languages →

#EUdialogues #SibiuSummit

Great to be part of the team #bootcamp #gotomarket #bridgehead

This is going to be good. For many reasons. Proud to be part of it!

Toronto is 52% foreign born. Nine out of 10 companies graduating from @Techstars 13-week accelerator have at least one co-founder who immigrated to Canada. Here's my recent chat with @sunil_extreme about how they're building the future🚀

cc @madlipzapp @Korapay @eddytravels

We're at the offices of @DeloitteUK kicking off our inaugural BAB Accelerate Roundtable in the UK. Excited to hear insights from @alexchisnall, @VirginStartUp Mentor and Richard Townsend, CEO, @Circus_St

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