Bathing in Success I Could Bath be your next destination?

Bathing in Success - could bath city be your next destination?

If you’re considering expanding your business operations in the UK, look no further than Bath, a charming city in the United Kingdom (UK) with a rich heritage and a thriving business ecosystem. Bath offers a host of advantages for companies looking to invest in a dynamic and supportive environment. With an estimated population of around 94,092 in 2024 [1] and a gross value added (GVA) output of approximately £3.2 billion, Bath boasts a vibrant economy ripe for investment [2].

Economic Vibrancy

Bath is renowned for its elegant architecture, traditional heritage, green spaces and vibrant cultural scene. From the iconic Roman-built baths to its contemporary arts and entertainment offerings, Bath offers a unique blend of history and modernity.

Infrastructure Investments

Bath’s Transport Delivery Action Plan outlines measures to improve transportation infrastructure up to 2030, ensuring connectivity and accessibility for businesses and residents alike. [3]

Key development projects in the city include Bath Quays South and Bath Central Riverside which are transforming the city’s landscape and providing new opportunities for businesses.

Education and Innovation

Home to prestigious institutions such as the University of Bath and Bath Spa University, Bath is a hub for research and innovation. The University of Bath focuses on key research themes including sustainability, health & wellbeing, and digital, making it an ideal partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge solutions in these areas [4]. Moreover, Bath University is part of the SETsquared Innovation Centre, which actively supports entrepreneurs and high-growth companies across various sectors. 

Championing Sustainability

Bath has set ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero by 2030, aligning with national and international efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

 The city is investing in renewable energy sources to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and promote cleaner energy alternatives. This includes initiatives to increase the use of solar power, wind energy, and other renewable technologies in the city’s energy supply. The city strives to create a sustainable future through proactive planning, innovative solutions and community engagement.

Innovation hub for Entrepreneurs

Bath boasts a vibrant start-up and scale-up ecosystem supported by organisations such as SETsquared Bath Innovation Centre and The Engine Shed. These initiatives provide invaluable support and resources to entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

Bath boasts above-average levels of employment in creative, digital, and ICT-related industries, as well as health and wellbeing, retail, leisure, and tourism sectors.

Support for Local Businesses

Bath City benefits from several inward investment bodies and regional development agencies that play vital roles in promoting economic growth, supporting businesses, and attracting investment to the area. Here are some key organisations involved in inward investment and regional development in Bath:

Invest in Bath

This dedicated inward investment initiative focuses on attracting businesses and investment to Bath and the surrounding region. It provides support and guidance to companies considering locating or expanding their operations in Bath.

West of England Combined Authority (WECA)

WECA is a partnership between the local authorities of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, and South Gloucestershire, along with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). WECA works to promote economic growth, infrastructure development, and investment across the region, including Bath.

West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

The West of England LEP is responsible for driving economic growth and job creation in the region, including Bath. It works with local businesses, government, and educational institutions to support innovation, skills development, and infrastructure projects.

Bath & North East Somerset Council

The local authority for Bath and the surrounding area plays a crucial role in supporting inward investment and economic development initiatives. The council works closely with businesses and partners to create a conducive environment for investment and growth.

Bath Chamber of Commerce

The Bath Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of businesses in Bath and provides support, networking opportunities, and advocacy on behalf of its members. It plays a role in promoting Bath as a destination for investment and business development.

SETsquared Bath

As previously mentioned, SETsquared Bath is an innovation hub and business incubator that supports start-ups, scale-ups, and entrepreneurs in Bath and the wider region. Expect to access mentoring, funding, and resources to help your business to grow and succeed.

Success Stories

Bath is home to a diverse range of businesses across various sectors, many of which are thriving and contributing to the city’s economic vitality. Here are a few notable Bath-based businesses that you may be familiar with.


Founded by Sir James Dyson, Dyson is a globally renowned tech company known for its innovative household appliances, including vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and hair dryers. Dyson’s headquarters in Malmesbury, just outside Bath, houses its research and development facilities.

Buro Happold

This global engineering consultancy specialises in the built environment. With its origins in Bath, Buro Happold provides engineering, design, and consulting services for projects ranging from iconic buildings to sustainable infrastructure.


Headquartered in Bath since the 1960s, Rotork UK is a leading manufacturer of industrial valve actuators and control systems. Rotork serves a diverse range of industries, including oil and gas, water and wastewater, and power generation.

Why choose Bath?

With its rich cultural heritage, thriving economy, and supportive business environment, Bath is a prime location for companies seeking to invest and expand their operations. Whether you’re a start-up looking for support or an established enterprise seeking new opportunities, Bath has much to offer.