Bridgehead Joins Industry Experts at Going Global Event

Global industry business growth experts, Bridgehead, joins Going Global event, offering speed GTM clinics at Going Global 2019.

Bridgehead creates extensive and bespoke go-to-market strategies which are proven to create a return on investment within a 90-day period. Their accumulated expertise offers a unique ability to assess how best to align each client within a new region or country. Bridgehead identify the pressure points and deliver a manned solution to oversee the sales and routes to market.

The coveted and complex European and North American markets are regarded as an unlimited pool of potential to entrepreneurial opportunists. As Bridgehead now has offices in both continents, the link between transatlantic and European business has never been simpler and more readily accessible.

Bridgehead Joins Going Global on stand 416

Bridgehead has a stand (416) at the Going Global trade show, which is the most critically important national exhibition for businesses looking to set up operations abroad and trade  across the world. 2019 will host some of the most significant political developments in decades, changes that will impact the world’s biggest trade agreements and transform the way UK companies conduct business with some of the most influential and powerful trade partners on earth.

To assist companies, Bridgehead joins Going Global event offering unique 15 minute Go-To-Market clinics. This will help create an understanding of what they need to do to achieve successful international expansion. 

Bridgehead CEO and Founder, Paul McIntosh, has almost thirty years experience in global brand immersion. McIntosh says, “Using our IP based methodology, inputting specific client data at the Going Global event will help those companies understand more about their Go-To-Market readiness. The critical objective for us is to ensure as many companies as possible do not follow the same route as 80% of those companies that fail to expand internationally.”

McIntosh continues, “Our tried and tested methodology developed over the past 10 successful years guarantees results. We would like to invite interested parties to schedule a meet with us by emailing su*****@br**************.com or pop by our stand, 416, at the Going Global event held at Excel, London between 26th and 27th November 2019”

Also, join our seminar at the event and discover the 5 killer go-to-market secrets every company should know when expanding into new markets or stop by our stand for advice on cracking new markets and expertise on overseas sales, marketing and operations. PLUS there is an amazing opportunity to win a Market Intelligence Report worth £5,000 to kick start your successful market entry.

International go-to-market agency Bridgehead offers organisations a European market penetration service with a 90-day quantifiable return on investment guaranteed. Their extensive research and strategy is executed by their own team, applying full legal legislation and governmental policies according to each country. Bridgehead continue to tailor their strategy as they accelerate each SME organisation into market prominence.

About Bridgehead

Bridgehead, based in the UK, is the European leader for international go-to market agency and business transition. Bridgehead helps companies expand into the UK, Europe and North American marketplaces. Find out more on Bridgehead and their revolutionary Transatlantic market industry service at:

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