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Innovation to GTM Proof

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From the outset, Bridgehead’s enthusiasm was infectious so we knew immediately Bridgehead would be the right fit for us. Their approach was very different to the usual long process we were used to. Bridgehead’s unique approach was to look at the existing market to see how we could stand out from the rest. Detailed analysis, market sizing and a comprehensive go-to-market strategy clearly identified there was a space in the market for our new product.

Initially, we took on Bridgehead for three months, however we have now formed a longer term partnership to allow them to deliver this project to market.”

Stuart Webb, Company Director | Webb and Wells Ltd

The challenge

Webb and Wells, established for 50 years, are a manufacturer and supplier of cable related products to the OEM market, including world recognised brands. Having tried to diversify by developing a wireless streaming device, they were let down by a customer and were unsure where to go and what to do next with this innovation.

The solution

Webb and Wells appointed Bridgehead to create a go-to-market strategy, complete with competitive benchmarking that targeted specific partners across retail, e-commerce and distribution. Resulting in key commercials, branding and product range to present a GTM strategy to the Webb and Wells board.

The outcomes

  1. Detailed go-to-market strategy, signed off and approved for delivery mode and new 12 month plus contract;
  2. 2 x clear products aimed at B2C and B2B2C markets;
  3. Focus on the UK and EU markets to drive sales;
  4. Licensed partner strategy implemented;
  5. Transformed the product design and R&D to ensure product fit within market.
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