Bridgehead® appoints Marketing Manager – i.e. me, Veronika Prophet

Blog title "Bridgehead appoints marketing manager" and a photo of the marketing manager

At Bridgehead® we like to announce when our team is growing, and since we have big plans for 2021, our team continues to expand. 

Only as I was about to start an announcement on someone else (watch this space), I realised that I have never introduced myself! Better late than never – Bridgehead® appoints Marketing Manager with an aim to more than double revenues by the end of 2021. 

My experience is in B2B events marketing. Creating & then delivering every aspect of the marketing strategy against a tight deadline has been my life for 8 or so years. I’ve worked on everything from exclusive and small, invite-only events through to exhibitions with attendance exceeding multiple thousands. All this was across industries I never imagined having in-depth knowledge on (marketing, PR, third sector, HR, public sector, education, maritime and shipping – I know far too much about ballast water for a marketer!!, and most recently SMEs). 

You’ll know this if you’re from the events world, but it has always amazed me how a team of only a few people manage to put together an exhibition for thousands of attendees, and it’s usually one marketer running the whole campaign running up to it. This means I’ve done everything from creating marketing strategies and plans, through to delivering every aspect of the campaigns, admin, copyrighting, emails, websites, SEO, you name it – I’ve done it, at least once, for at least one event. 

I’ve spent the first 3 months at Bridgehead understanding the company culture and methodology. Now that I’m familiar with Bridgehead’s ways of working, with the team and our  clients, and having developed the marketing plan, I will be once again implementing it. You’ll see me posting here and on social media regularly, if you sign up to our newly-launched Discovery Lite service you’ll also hear from me on email, someday soon you may even read an article in a business magazine with Bridgehead’s name next to it, and much much more. If you do – we’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback and suggestions, so feel free to comment, like, share or get in touch on ve******@br**************.com. Not quite as good as Bridgehead’s “quantifiable results in 90 days, guaranteed”, but I can personally guarantee that at least one person will do a little YAY dance wiggle every time you engage with us. 

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If you’re interested in working for Bridgehead have a read of my “About Bridgehead from within” post, and if you’re looking to work with Bridgehead to grow your business internationally, take a look at “Is Bridgehead the right agency for you”.

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