The UK’s Camping & Caravanning Club Members Love the new FOXX Power-Glow

The Camping and Caravanning Club

Sue Taylor, the resident expert Gear & Stuff reviewer at the UK’s Camping & Caravanning Club has tried, tested and reviewed the FOXX Power-Glow products in this months members magazine.

FOXX Power-Glow LED Lights: “Fox Project has a great range of lightweight and waterproof lights that are reliable source of light and power exactly when you need it, in a compact package. The Power-Glow MINI, pictured here, offers 100 lumens and also features a built-in powerbank to help keep your devices charged”

FOXX Project Power-Glow MINI

“A great range of lightweight waterproof lights…that offers light and power when you need it”

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If you’re interested to stock FOXX Project Light and Power Product Range, do get in touch.

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